Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How Does Technology Influence Duty?

Technology is ever-changing and because of that, we are also ever-changing.  I recall having a duty phone that was as solid as a rock...yet I still managed to drop it and break it one night (that is a story for another day).  Now we have phones that have cameras...OMG!  Wait...you can also change ringtones (although you shouldn't) and now you do not even need push buttons because you can touch the screen!  With the changes to technology, we now have a flip duty phone that has a camera which could be used in appropriate situations.  Will there come a time when we will be using a duty iPhone?

Let's face it...Apple comes out with a new toy every few months so there might become a time when the default phone is a smart phone.  Will it be possible to look up a student's information with an app on your duty iPhone?  Or will people have a duty iPad that they can take notes on and take pictures if needed?  What will the future of duty be like with technology continually changing?  Will it make duty easier or cause more challenges as we rely heavily on technology?  

Do you use a smartphone for a duty phone?  Do you feel it would make your life easier?  Feel free to comment or send an email to thedutybag@gmail.com to discuss how technology has impacted your duty!

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  1. We use a flip camera phone, but we do have a duty iPad! We use an app based on the surrounding area to let bored students in the halls know what's going on and can write our duty logs and advocate reports on it.