Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Duty Lesson #47 Learned

A special thanks to one of our readers for this submission!
Tonight I gained a valuable lesson: never plan on being at a meeting when you are on duty!
I figured I would have a few hours of quiet time before the storm eventually would hit later in the night.  Based on my previous experiences, I thought everything would work out and I would be able to sit in the meeting (which I planned) for at least 10 minutes.  I.was.wrong!
With 5 minutes before the meeting was to start, I received a call about a room that had a marijuana smell to it.  Luckily others had met in our meeting location so I appointed someone to take charge and left to take care of the alleged policy violators.  My time was not used wisely because it was a false alarm so I then returned to my group to get caught up to speed on what had already been discussed.  Luckily I had 5 minutes for the members to explain what they had done before I received another bone-chilling call.
Another room with that odd odor?!?! it's going to be one of THOSE nights!  I excused my group for the night and thanked them for the work that they had done.  They understood that I did not wish to be running around but that it came with the territory...and shiny name badge!  For the record, the second call also resulted in a false alarm.  Go figure!  The rest of the night was surprisingly quiet.  It was such a backwards night but I certainly learned my lesson!
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