Monday, April 11, 2011

Duty Before Phones

In a blog post last month, I talked about technology and how it has affected duty.  Today I had a thought, "what was duty like before phones?"  The concept seems so foreign to me because every duty round I have ever had involved carrying a phone (except the one time I broke the duty phone-I will save that story for another day).  I am most likely in the majority with that concept and it is quite possible that other current staff members have never thought about what duty would be like without a phone.  So I would love to hear from the "more experienced" Student Affairs members about what duty was like before cell phones came around.  

How were problems communicated to you?  

Were there other challenges that you faced?

It would be great for the current generation of on-duty staff to hear about what life was like in the past and how technology helps them today!  Leave your feedback in the comments or send it to

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