Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Do You Practice Safe Duty-ing?

Dear Duty Nation,

Do you feel safe when you are on duty?  What is done that allows you to maintain that safety comfort?  Do you have a partner when you go on rounds?  If you do not have a partner, is there a plan in place in case you run into a uncomfortable situation?

Duty Dude

I pose these questions to you all because I was recently involved in a conversation that involved the topic of safety and how it affected different genders.  Some female coworkers shared that they do not always feel safe when they are on duty and/or need to respond to calls.  Whether walking to the car early in the morning to report to a situation or being in a room with intoxicated individuals, they can be intimidating situations for anyone.  How about you?  Have there been situations where you felt unsafe?  What did you do to help yourself feel more safe in the future?

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