Friday, February 4, 2011

Ring of Terror

When I hear the duty ringtone go off, my heart stops.  What is going on?  Who did it?  How long am I going to have to stay up?

A duty ringtone stays with you for years!  When I am in public and I hear the ringtone, my heart still stops and I have to restrain myself from yelling, "Why would you choose THAT as your ringtone!!!"

I have contemplated using the duty ringtone as an alarm clock on my personal phone but I am afraid that I will 1) become used the ringtone and desensitized to it (is that a bad thing?!?) or 2) have a slight heart attack every morning (which could certainly shock my system thus not allowing me to go back to sleep).  Perhaps the alarm clock idea isn't so bad after all...

Regardless, I have always thought if I would have the same reaction if the duty phone ringtone were something less heart-stopping and more catchy.  It is hard to believe that I would start disliking Cee Lo Green's F*** Forget You if that were the ringtone.  But I simply can't say because I have never had the chance to change the ringtone (that crazy fear of getting in trouble got in the way!).  

What are your thoughts?  Do you have a cool duty ringtone?  Has your heart stopped a few times from the ring of terror?

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