Friday, February 4, 2011

I've got the doots!

Hello world!  Welcome to The Duty Bag!  This blog was created with one vision in mind: a central location where people can share stories, frustrations, anxieties, successes, etc. associated with being on-duty.  While I am aware that my feelings towards duty may not align with your feelings, it is my hope that some topics may hit home and you are able share!

If you have had a memorable experience that you would like others to hear about, please send your story to  I will try to share as many as I can so more people can hear about the amazing life of being ON-DUTY!  While I have only been on-duty in residence halls, I am open to your experiences in other aspects of jobs that require someone to be on-duty.

Please use this as an opportunity to express yourself!

Duty Dude

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